About Seposs

Our History


Our school began in January 1963 on the first floor of the Royal Victoria Institute under the Acting Principal, Mr. Gopaul. The enrollment at the time was 90 students which made up three classes.
In May 1966, the formal opening of the school took place at 25 Nelson Street, POS—where it still exists. The first Principal was Dr Michael Alleyne who has continued to make an invaluable contribution to the education system. He is now in charge of the Peace Promotion Project at the Ministry of Education.
Between 1973 to 1975 the school was extended to include parts of the Eastern Market. The Library , Science labs, the Auditorium form part of the western and southern wings of the original market.
In 1975, with the introduction of the comprehensive system to Trinidad and Tobago, the school took in in its first intake of Junior Secondary School students. The school still takes in a number of Junior Secondary school students in form 4, though over the years these numbers have decreased because of the de-shifting of our feeder schools. The student population then was 1400 and today it stands at 900 students. Form 6 was introduced in September 1983.
1990’s. From an era where there were only forms 4 and 5, the school resumed taking in form 1 students including hearing impaired students.